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Research studies/consultations currently recruiting volunteers

nb: studies listed are not necessarily projects funded by the Meniere's Society.

The following studies are currently recruiting participants:

Patient and public consultation 

Single-sided deafness (SSD) interventions

Phase 3 Clinical Trial for Meniere's Disease

Study details:                                                                                       

Patient and public consultation 
Participants required to complete a short survey about a potential research study. This survey forms part of the patient and public consultation process. To find out more about participating in this study, please email the Ménière's Society or call us on 01306 876883.                                                                                                                                                     
Share Your Views: What outcomes are important to measure for single-sided deafness (SSD) interventions?
The CROSSSD Study group at the Nottingham Hearing Biomedical Research Centre, UK are conducting an international consensus survey aiming to find agreement on what outcomes are critical and important to measure when evaluating interventions for single-sided deafness. They are interested in opinions from patients diagnosed with SSD as well as expert professionals in the field.
If you would like to take part please click here. Once you register you will be asked to score a total of 44 outcomes on a 1-9 importance scale. This should take approximately 30 minutes. A similar questionnaire will be re-distributed for completion in a few weeks.
Forming a ‘core set’ of outcomes that are important to both patients and professionals will have applications in guiding the use of outcome measures in clinical trials. Ultimately this will reduce research waste and will improve decision making for hearing aids or auditory implants recommendations for SSD.
The study was recently featured in ‘My Hearing Loss’ Blog by Carly Sygrove who, as a person with SSD, describes her experience in completing the survey.
If you need more information please contact Roulla Katiri. The study will be open until mid-November 2019.                                                                                                

Phase 3 Clinical Trial for Meniere's Disease (external link) - also see image below.

Current/recently funded projects 

TRP channels as sensors of inner ear fluid pressure: implications for Meniere’s disease

Dr D Jagger, UCL Ear Institute, University College London

Assessment of unilateral vestibular function using GVS-evoked eye movements.

Dr R Reynolds, University of Birmingham

Model of semicircular canals for management of complex BPPV cases

Dr D Bamiou, National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, London

Vestibular Rehabilitation Using 360 degree virtual reality video

Dr E Roberts, Imperial College, London

Living with Ménière’s disease: Understanding patient experiences of mental health & well-being in everyday life

Dr C Phoenix, University of Exeter Medical School
Key Findings: Living with Meniere's disease - pdf booklet (link to external website)

Identification of rare allelic varients in familial Meniere's disease by whole exome sequencing (WES)

Dr J A Lopez-Escamez, University of Granada, Spain

Clinical trial: The effectiveness of transtympanic steroids in unilateral Ménière’s disease: a randomised controlled double blind trial

Professor A Bronstein, Imperial College London
Imperial College London article and link to paper published in The Lancet (link to external website)

Two systematic reviews looking at (1) the prevalence of balance disorders and (2) the use of betahistine for treatment of vertigo

Dr L Murdin, National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, London
The protocol for the betahistine review has now been published and is available in the Cochrane library (link to external website)

Study of free walking and dual tasking in patients with a peripheral vestibular disorder

Dr D Bamiou, National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, London

Role of acceptance in adjustment to Meniere’s disease

Dr S Kirby, University of Southampton

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